Self-installation guide

How to install MiX Now

Getting started with MiX Now couldn’t be easier. The device simply plugs into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port – you don’t need any special tools or accessories, so you can do it all yourself without the help of a professional installer!

First, register your device

Once you’ve received your device, you need to link it up to your vehicle using either the MiX Now web interface or mobile application. Follow these easy steps below to register a device using your mobile application, or follow these easy steps to do it on the web interface. Note: you can add it using the web interface as soon as you receive the list of IMEI numbers in the shipping confirmation email.

1: Locate your OBDII Port

Check the area around your dashboard (the port is typically installed within three feet of the driver).

2: Scan the QR Code

Open your MiX Now mobile application. Click on the vehicle you want to install the device into. Click and scan the QR code printed on the device.

3: Plug the device into the port

Push to ensure it is connected securely.

4: Drive off

Turn on the ignition and start driving to complete the installation process.

What's next?

Once these steps are complete, you can log in to MiX Now and start setting up your alerts. Need help? Here’s how


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